Hellenistic Poetry in Context

M.A. Harder, R.F. Regtuit & G.C. Wakker (eds)
Hellenistic Poetry in Context

Hellenistica Groningana 20

X-349 p.
ISBN 978-90-429-2985-2
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This volume is devoted to Hellenistic poetry in the context of the contemporary world of third century Alexandria and beyond. This topic fits in with the increasing interest in the role of literature in ancient society in recent research, which has already been applied successfully to various aspects of Hellenistic poetry. The subject also has an added interest because for a long time there has been a tendency to regard this kind of poetry as art for art’s sake, a kind of autonomous poetry and display of virtuosity among scholar-poets, who indulged in being as sophisticated as possible without being in touch with the real world. This view has been rightly challenged in recent years and the articles in this volume reflect this new approach, as the authors investigate the ways in which Hellenistic poetry, played a part in its social and cultural context.


Dee L. Clayman, Berenice II and the Golden Age of Ptolemaic Egypt. Women in antiquity.


Berenice II (c. 264-221 BCE), daughter of King Magas of Cyrene and wife of Ptolemy III Euergetes, came to embody all the key religious, political, and artistic ideals of Ptolemaic Alexandria. Though she arrived there nearly friendless, with the taint of murder around her, she became one of the most accomplished and powerful of the Macedonian queens descended from the successors of Alexander the Great. She was at the center of a group of important poets and intellectuals associated with the Museum and Library, not the least of which was Callimachus, the most important poet of the age. These men wrote poems not just for her, but about her, and their eloquent voices projected her charisma widely across the Greek-speaking world. Though the range of Berenice’s interests was impressive and the quantity and quality of the poetry she inspired unparalleled, today she is all but known. Assimilating the scant and scattered evidence of her life, Dee L. Clayman presents a woman who was more powerful and fascinating than we had previously imagined. Berenice II and the Golden Age of Ptolemaic Egypt offers a portrait of a woman who had access to the cultural riches of both Greece and Egypt and who navigated her way carefully through the opportunities and dangers they presented, ultimately using them to accrue unprecedented honors that were all but equal to those of the king.


         Broché: 288 pages

         Editeur : Oxford University Press (2 octobre 2014)

         Collection : Women in Antiquity

         Langue : Anglais

         ISBN-10: 0195370899

         ISBN-13: 978-0195370898


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