Dramatic Poetry in the Hellenistic Period and its Influence on later Greek and Latin Literature – CfP

The Semana de Estudos sobre o Período Helenístico is a biannual international conference organized by the research group Hellenistica (USP/CNPq). The event’s purpose is the promotion and diffusion of current researches on Hellenistic studies in Brazil. Its sixth edition will take place on 10-11th. March 2020, and this time its theme is Dramatic Poetry in the Hellenistic Period and its Influence on later Greek and Latin Literature. It will be held at Faculdade de Filosofia Letras e Ciências Humanas of the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (FFLCH-USP). The conference aims at discussing the different dramatic genres explored during this period (tragedy, comedy, mime etc.) and their role as a possible model to subsequent dramatic poetry. We are honoured to announce that Elena Esposito (Università degli Studi dela Basilicata), Ioannis Konstantakos (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens), Isabella Tardin Cardoso (UNICAMP), and Renata Cazarini (UFF) are among the confirmed speakers.

Call for Papers

Researchers interested in taking part in the conference are kindly asked to send abstract proposals by 4th. November 2019. All proposals will be examined by the Committee and must include:

Title and Abstract (max. 300 words; accepted languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese)

Name of the author(s)

Academic or Institutional Affiliation


Contact for sending proposals on this link.

All talks should last 25 minutes. Other 10 minutes will be granted for debate.

Additional Information: uspclassicas@gmail.com


Fernando Rodrigues Junior (USP)

Breno Battistin Sebastiani (USP/CNPq)

Bárbara da Costa e Silva (USP)

Flavia Fernandes Benini (USP)

Flávia Vasconcellos Amaral (USP/University of Toronto)

Sâmea Rancovas Giraldes (USP)

José Leonilson Fontes Filho (USP)

Auteur/autrice : Christophe Cusset

Ancien élève de l'ENS Fontenay/ Saint-Cloud. Agrégé de Lettres classiques. Docteur ès Lettres (Université Lyon II). Professeur de littérature grecque à l'ENS de Lyon.

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