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Konstantinos Spanoudakis (ed.), Nonnus of Panopolis in Context. Poetry and Cultural Milieu in Late Antiquity with a section on Nonnus and the Modern World (Trends in Classics, Supplementary Volume 24),

Berlin – Boston 2014, 129 € (ISBN 978-3-11-033937-6)



Preface v        Abbreviations xiii           List of Contributors xv

I: Introduction

Pierre Chuvin : Revisiting Old Problems: Literature and Religion in the Dionysiaca 3


II: Nonnus and the Literary Past

Katerina Carvounis : Peitho in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca: the Case of Cadmus and Harmonia 21

Jane Lightfoot : Oracles in the Dionysiaca 39

Enrico Livrea : Nonnus and the Orphic Argonautica 55

Marta Otlewska-Jung : Orpheus and Orphic Hymns in the Dionysiaca 77

Michael Paschalis  : Ovidian Metamorphosis and Nonnian poikilon eidos 97

Maria Ypsilanti : Image-Making and the Art of Paraphrasing: Aspects of Darkness and Light in the Metabole 123


III: Nonnus and the Visual Arts

Gianfranco Agosti : Contextualizing Nonnus’ Visual World 141

Laura Miguιlez Cavero : Personifications at the Service of Dionysus: the Bacchic Court 175


IV: Nonnus and Late Antique Paideia

Andrew Faulkner : Faith and Fidelity in Biblical Epic. The Methaphrasis Psalmorum, Nonnus, and the Theory of Translation 195

Rosa Garcνa-Gasco : Nonnus’ Mystic Vocabulary Revisited: Mystis in Dionysiaca 9.111–31 211

David Hernαndez de la Fuente : Neoplatonic Form and Content in Nonnus: Towards a New Reading of Nonnian Poetics 229

Nicole Krφll : Rhetorical Elements in the Ampelus-episode: Dionysus’ Speech to Ampelus (Nonn. Dion. 10.196–216) 251

Enrico Magnelli : Appositives in Nonnus’ Hexameter 265


V: Nonnus and Christianity

Filip Doroszewski : Judaic Orgies and Christ’s Bacchic Deeds: Dionysiac Terminology in Nonnus’ Paraphrase of St. John’s Gospel 287

Claudia Greco : City and Landscape in Nonnus’ Paraphrase 12.51–69: Poetry and Exegesis 303

Robert Shorrock : A Classical Myth in a Christian World: Nonnus’ Ariadne Episode (Dion. 47.265–475) 313

Konstantinos Spanoudakis : The Shield of Salvation: Dionysus’ Shield in Nonnus

Dionysiaca 25.380–572 333


VI: The “School” of Nonnus

Claudio De Stefani : The End of the “Nonnian School” 375

Daria Gigli Piccardi : Poetic Inspiration in John of Gaza: Emotional Upheaval and Ecstasy in a Neoplatonic Poet 403

Delphine Lauritzen : Nonnus in Gaza. The Expansion of Modern Poetry from Egypt to Palestine in the Early Sixth Century CE 421

Mary Whitby : A Learned Spiritual Ladder? Towards an Interpretation of George of Pisidia’s Hexameter Poem On Human Life 435


VII: Nonnus and the Modern World

Domenico Accorinti : Simone Weil, Reader of the Dionysiaca 461

Nina Aringer : The Heros’ Quest of Dionysus as Individuation of an Age. Approaching the Dionysiaca under the Aspect of Jungian Archetypes and the Monomyth of Joseph Campbell 487

Bibliography 505         List of Figures 539

Index of Greek Words or Phrases 541     Index of Passages 543      General Index 553

Auteur/autrice : Christophe Cusset

Ancien élève de l'ENS Fontenay/ Saint-Cloud. Agrégé de Lettres classiques. Docteur ès Lettres (Université Lyon II). Professeur de littérature grecque à l'ENS de Lyon.

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