Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry, September 12-14, 2017

Theme: Callimachus Revisited: New Perspectives in Callimachean Scholarship 

Location: Groningen University, The Netherlands

Organising committee: Jacqueline Klooster, RUG; Martine Cuypers, Trinity College Dublin.

The Groningen Workshops on Hellenistic Poetry have over the past 25 years provided an important venue for the presentation of new ideas in the field of Hellenistic poetry. In September 2017 the instigator and organizer of these workshops, Professor Annette Harder, will be retiring from the University of Groningen, which means that an end of the workshops in their present form is imminent.

To honor Annette Harder and fittingly celebrate her career in the service of Hellenistic poetry, whose acme has undoubtedly been the publication of a monumental new edition of Callimachus’ Aetia (OUP 2012), we are organizing a final Groningen Workshop entitled,’Callimachus Revisited’, on September 12-14, 2017. 

Callimachus formed the focus of the first Groningen workshop in 1992, and was revisited in 2002. It seems fitting to close the series by returning to this central poet once more, ask how our understanding of Callimachus has developed over the past 25 years, and consider future directions.

The workshop will co-incide with Annette Harder’s Valedictory Lecture, on 14 September, 2017. 

Unlike previous editions, there has been no open Call for Papers this year, as all speakers have been especially selected for this special occasion to reflect the history of the workshop. Confirmed speakers: Richard Hunter, James Clauss, Alex Sens, Peter Bing, Susan Stephens, Damien Nelis, Benjamin-Acosta Hughes, Adolf Köhnken, Ewen Bowie, Jackie Murray, Robert Kirstein, Jan Kwapisz, Frederick Williams, Evian Sistakou, Kathryn Gutzwiller, Floris Overduin.

To participate, as respondent to one of the papers, or as an auditor, please fill in the application form before May 31, 2017:

If you would like to respond to one of the papers, please say so in the section ‘further remarks’, and we will get in touch about the possibilities.

A conference fee of 100 euro (staff) / 50 euro (students) applies.

Should you wish any further information, please contact Sean McGrath ( or Jacqueline Klooster J.J.H.Klooster (

Auteur/autrice : Christophe Cusset

Ancien élève de l'ENS Fontenay/ Saint-Cloud. Agrégé de Lettres classiques. Docteur ès Lettres (Université Lyon II). Professeur de littérature grecque à l'ENS de Lyon.

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